Appliances are inspected to ensure that they are safe and have no obvious electrical defects



Our technicians complete a programme of testing in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 3760. Electratest’s custom designed automated testing system provides an unambiguous Pass or Fail status.

The on-board memory records all results that are downloaded to our data management software. This technology allows Electratest to compare successive test results of the same item, making it possible to determine progressive deterioration or potential faults.



A tag with Pass/Fail status is printed directly from the tester guaranteeing the test tag’s accountability, without relying upon human interpretation or manipulation. This tag incorporates a barcode for identification and asset management, date of test, technician ID, test result and the due date for next test. We can also utilise your barcode labelling system, ensuring a full flow-on of asset accountability.



Electratest supplies a report detailing date tested, register of all appliances tested, results and the due date for re-testing. We can identify each asset by floor, room or location. On return visits, we supply a “not found” register to assist in tracing missing assets due to theft or loss. We can supply records for your insurance company if required. Insurers may reduce or refuse to pay damage claims for faulty appliances that have not been tested.

Our documentation may be used as defence in court. A copy of all test results conducted by Electratest is stored in our central database for future reference.



Our sophisticated IT system and customer service orientation ensures that Electratest will manage your asset database and contact you prior to your next re-test requirements.
If any of your equipment fails these tests, we offer assistance in rectification and ensuring that you do comply.

We will also keep you updated to changes in legislation affecting this area of your OH&S requirements.